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Empowering you to get unstuck
and live out your wildest dreams.



My name is Orit.

What a pleasure to have you here, I’m so happy we found each other!


​I’m a transformational life coach and an Amazon best-selling author (check out my book here!) who will empower you to get unstuck and step into the amazingly powerful person that you are.


YOU are unique and there’s no one quite like YOU. You have that something special that makes you, YOU. 

And so, it is my honor to support you in the significant difference you are out to make AND in becoming the powerful person you were always meant to be. 

Game ON!

Five Game-Changing Strategies to Become the Winner in the Game of Your Life


Sometimes life gets out of control, and it feels like we are characters in someone else’s story. We've ALL been there.


As much as we may want to change, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So, I put together a special gift for you.


Let me empower you to take the first step into creating the life of your dreams. 


Game On! is a five-tactic strategy to use as a structure to reach your goals and kickstart your new life.

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P.S.  Welcome to your NEW LIFE!

                                  With Love,


Orit is a beacon of light for those who feel lost and forgotten. She has a unique and special gift to truly understand what people have gone through in their lives and is committed to them having a new life- one filled with joy and happiness!

Michelle C. NJ

I am amazed at how deeply the Effective Communication course impacted my relationship with my husband. My husband and I just had a date night. As a result of something Orit said in class, we discussed what would be some of the most hurtful things that we could say to each other. We reaffirmed that our own insecurities are just that - our own insecurities. We didn’t agree with each other’s assessment of our “faults.” It was so freeing to know that the judgments I had of myself, my husband, hadn't even considered! It opened up a whole new space for us in our relationship. Thank you again!

Devora S. NY

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